Seniors, college students, parents...everyone enjoys Golf with RGCA

The RGCA Advantage

RGCA offers golf as a rental incentive to property owners and property management companies. "The Residents Golf Program has given the owners of our apartments a major competitive advantage over the rental incentives commonly offered by Property Managers. There is nothing like it in the market."
Oakwood Management Company
Columbus, Ohio

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Whether you own and manage your own property or uses the services of a professional Property Management Company, you share the same concerns: "Every apartment rental-incentive that has ever worked is now commonly used by every Management Company".

Unlike any other rental-incentive, RGCA can offer Apartment Owners and Property Management Companies a rental-incentive with an absolute guarantee there will be no threat of duplication by competitors who are restricted from offering the RGCA program - A rental-incentive that is fully protected under United States patent and copyright laws and therefore only available through RGCA.

RGCA recognized that a major untapped market for prospective apartment renters is the exploding golfing community, comprised of millions of men and women of every age and economic stature.

Until the formation of RGCA, Property Managers were unable to find a means to exploit this untapped market. With the introduction of Residents Golf Club America™, this has now changed.

True separation from competition was accomplished by RGCA through development of a unique apartment rental-incentive program only available through RGCA.

Property Management Companies who become an RGCA Sponsor for their Market Area (MA) are able to offer this proven rental-incentive without competition from Property Management Companies who are restricted by United State patent and copyright laws from offering the RGCA program.

Do not let your competition take the Advantage!