Seniors, college students, parents...everyone enjoys Golf with RGCA

The RGCA Advantage for Builders

RGCA offers golf as an incentive to home buyers who purchase a home from a seller participating with RGCA “During these difficult times in the housing market it takes an exclusive sales-incentive, such as the RGCA free golf program, to gain an advantage over our competitors and close sales. ”
Lil Slankard
Dallas, TX

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All Home Builders share the same concerns, “every sales-incentive that has ever worked in the real estate industry is now commonly used by everyone.”

Unlike any other sales-incentive, Residents Golf Club America™ offers Builders a sales-incentive with the absolute guarantee there will be no threat of duplication by competitors who are legally restricted from offering the RGCA Program. A Sales-Incentive fully protected by United States patent and copyright laws and therefore only available through RGCA.

RGCA recognized that a major untapped market for Home Buyers is the growing golfing community, comprised of millions of men and women who share a passion for this game but are economically unable to join a golf club or pay the fees charged by better public golf courses.

Until the formation of Residents Golf Club America™, Builders were unable to exploit this untapped market. With the introduction of Residents Golf Club America™ this has now changed and a true competitive advantage is now available to Builders through this exclusive sales-incentive program.

Do not let your competition take the Advantage!