Seniors, college students, parents...everyone enjoys Golf with RGCA

The RGCA Advantage

Help keep your golf course competitive by participating in RGCA "Our golf course is now in its fourth year of participating in the resident's golf program, which continues to be flawless in increasing play."
Scott Hanhart, Owner & General Manager
Darby Creek Golf Course, Marysville, OH

More Endorsements

It is well established that golf courses are experiencing a growing decline in play, largely caused by overbuilding of golf courses.

Residents Golf Club America™ (RGCA), is a national company developed specifically to increase golf play at selected golf courses throughout America.

The RGCA program is highly endorsed by Golf Course Owners, General Managers and Golf Professionals, who have personally experienced the power of this program to increase play at their course.

RGCA Golf Members are comprised exclusively from the thousands of residents who join RGCA to enjoy golf at top golf courses in their area, which is paid by the management of their apartment community.

First introduced in the Mid-West, this highly successful and well-endorsed program is now being introduced nationally in every major market area.

To assure exclusivity, only a limited number of the top golf courses in each major market area are invited to become a RGCA Participating Golf Course.